Insight VR
Please excuse the lack of formatting. We've been working on code rather than the website.
Here's the blog
iTunes Visualizer (Mac only) Unzip and place the bundle in your Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins directory. Then relaunch iTunes and then View -> Visualizer -> Manifesto. Then command-T turns it on and command-F sets it to fullscreen.
It does things like this:

Manifesto Demo: Nearly Done with 2D Particles from InsightVR on Vimeo.
PyCon 2008 Presentation
Utah Code Camp Spring 2008 Presentation on Headtracking and Laser Detection
Multiplayer Laser Missile Command version 0.02 - works with Mac and Linux.
I have repackaged the missile command game and it should work if you follow the instructions in the README.txt file included in the download. It is worth noting that Windows users can play missle command with the mouse.
I am working on making the source of the 3d game available as well. I'll post to the blog as soon as I have it ready.

YouTube video of 3D Headtracking with Laser Sensing as Well:

YouTube video of Laser Missile Command:

Obligatory YouTube video of the Halloween Game: